piss-ing off !

kanasai ...

my phone bill is again exceed the credit limit .

the ending .

there are trillion of butterflies in my stomach right now .
and .
i don't know how to "minus" the amount .

the emotion has a huge swings since last night .
grrrr ;(

why ?
*shut up*
dont ask

Nail !


finally I got time to dress up my nail .
I went manicure with Ling ;)
and Kang was nice and sit there for hours to teman us .
but of cause his ass get gatal every 30 min and went in and out of the shop

Ling get het nail a green shirt .
evil-nyaaaa .

class tomorrow ;(

He and She !

you may be astounded by what you see next .
mmmm . yes . I went out to watch G.I. Joe with him ;)
it may be excited at the beginning. but at the end it not really worth it .
so yeah . it was suppose to be nice when I watched the trailer

I went for lunch with Hao .
surprisingly I saw Cong and Sin there .
so she became the first best friend of mine who knew about it .

am Happy ;)

to Cong .
even though we are not bound by blood nor family
but what between us have goes deeper than this .
because you was always be there for me for the past few years .
whenever I was happy and sad .
you always know what its like to love .
i hope you can see what i feel and i see about the reason i decided to keep my silence .
though you may not like what its doing to me but i know you will try to understand .
and i thanks you for keeping all that disappointment inside your heart.
and thank you , for trying to show me how .
and thank you , for giving me all advise .
and thank you, for loving me more than he does .
( he felt that way too ) .
I admire you , for your strength to voice up your feeling , and
the truth is always what i need to hear .

monday, tuesday, wednesday

monday : holiday

tuesday :holiday

wednesday: holiday

thursday : holiday

friday :holiday

I got no classes .

due to the amount of students in a class we are force to squeeze in like a sardin in a table .
some pity one have to sit on the floor .

anyway the aircond is still effective and work well .

YES ! he can do whatever that he want .
and always give me what I want .
pampered me with cash and all the luxuries .

but in the other way .
i just lost something that cannot be purchase and unreachable .

I miss the OLD YOU





US !